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Fresh flowers and celebrations have forever been intertwined. Wherever there is a celebration one is bound to find a plethora of fresh flowers: clutched in the hands of brides & bridesmaids, on tables, in button-holes, in churches, in hair...

Some brides order purple orchids from Singapore, others prefer a daisy in a bottle, whatever your choice, we cater for all tastes.

Whether you want formal or casual wedding flowers on your special day, it's best to phone or email us with your wedding ideas so we can quote you on your specific requirements.



- Wrist corsage
- Ladies pin-on corsage
- Gentlemen's button hole



Table Arrangements



Petal Pack (Confetti)

R120-00 (pack is roughly the size of a rugby ball)


"I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers." Claude Monet


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