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Telephone: 033 330 3809 (Landline)  +27 33 330 3809 (international)
OR Mobile: +27 82 321 5382

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Flowers From Howick
is a florist situated in the picturesque town of Howick in the Natal Midlands.

Fresh flowers are delivered daily to any destination in and around the Howick, Hilton and Midlands areas.

Please note that should you wish a delivery to go to out-lying and/or farm areas, please contact us for a quote.

As a member of Interflora, Gift Lady and Bloomable, Flowers From Howick also provide a national and international delivery service.           




Please 'Submit your Order" to us directly by filling in the Form at the bottom of this page.


Call us directly on 033 330 3809 & pay by EFT or a simple Credit Card transaction over the phone.



June & July Special:

Product Code: SP1

Open-Rose Moss Box

A wooden box clustered with at least 10 short roses and trimmed with moss.




Country bunches:

Product code: A0    

Pretty in pink - Hand-tied bouquet

Small       R490-00
Medium  R690-00  
Large       R800-00 
X Large    R990-00   

Product code: AA

Cheerful charm -
Hand-tied bouquet

Small            R490-00
Medium       R690-00
Large            R800-00
XLarge          R990-00


Product code: A28
Tickled Pink -
Flowers in a Vase

Medium: R  780-00  Large:      R  900-00
X Large:   R1100-00

Product code: A1

Bright Autumn in a Vase

Medium  R  780-00 
Large       R  900-00 
X Large    R1100-00


For 'Add-ons' - natural soaps, choccies etc, scroll down...




Lacey Lucy

A delightful country mix in a pretty fillagree bowl.

Mother's Day orders: R600-00


Product code: A2

Flowers in a Box

Medium       R490-00
Large            R690-00      
(Colour of your choice)

Product code: A3

Flowers in a Maxwell   Williams Mug




 Product Code: A4

 Joy Box



Product Code: A5

Country Watering Can

Medium   R470-00 
Large        R650-00 

(Colour of your choice)



Product Code: A6

Lovely Lilies in brown paper with string OR in a Glass Vase:

10 lilies in paper:  R495-00                            

in glass vase: R780-00   (Lilies available in other colours)

 Product Code: A7 

Bold & Beautiful

A kaleidoscope of seasonal    flowers standing
 in matching container.

Medium:  R560-00  
 Large:      R700-00 



 Product Code: A8

 Posy Bowl or Basket
 Small                 R  630-00
Medium             R  780-00
Large                  R  950-00
 XLarge               R1300-00
Exclusive:           R1400-00
 (Colour of
 your choice)

Product Code: A9

Pretty & Practical

Need a gift after the flowers are gone? This Jug of flowers is ideal!

Medium          R750-00
Large               R900-00                 




Product Code: A10 

Red roses with foliage -  wrapped & tied

OR in a Glass Vase:

6 roses in cello:   R198-00  Or in glass vase:  R390-00

12 roses in cello:  R350-00
Or in glass vase:   R620-00
24 roses - cello    R550-00  
Or in glass vase   R830-00

Most rose colours avail.

Product Code: A11

Farm-fresh Posy Bowl -
in a metal pail:

Small                 R450-00
Medium            R580-00
Large                 R750-00



Product Code: A12

(partly) Edible

Choc-o-block with ten choc blocks of nougat.

(The flowers usually last longer than the nougat!)

Medium   R650-00 

Product Code: A13

Florist's Choice

Leave the florist to choose - the best of seasonal flowers.

Small:      R380-00 
Medium: R580-00
Large:      R780-00
XLarge:    R980-00



Product code: A29

Sunshine Box

Delightful country mix in a wooden box.

Medium: R580-00 
Large:      R720-00 

Product code: A30

Eco Box
A pretty cardboard box with a waterproof lining containing a delightful mix of seasonal blooms.

Medium: R295-00

Large:      R380-00



Product Code: B20

Pure & Elegant

Medium           R   750-00
Large                R   880-00  
X Large             R   980-00    
Exclusive          R1 350-00   



Product Code: B25

Large Church / Hall Arrangement

Large:          R  900-00
X Large:       R1500-00
Exclusive:    R2000-00

Please specify colour choice - most colours available



Pepper Tree Botanical Gifts

• Paraben Free, Beauty Without Cruelty & Proudly South African (made in Cape Town).

• Made with preselected, biodegradable & environmentally-friendly raw materials.

• Created using organic & botanic ingredients.

•  Floral, scented & natural.

Product Code: PT01

Lanolin Body Soap Bar 180g

Product Code: PT02

Geranium & Rose Body soap Bar - 180g


Product Code: PT03

Milk & Honey Body Soap Bar - 180g

Product Code: PT04

Orange blossom Soap Bar - 180g


Product Code: PT05

Milk & Honey Hand & Nail Cream



Product Code: PT06

Geranium & Rose Hand & Nail Cream



Product Code: PT07

Lavender & Wild Orchid Hand & Nail Cream




Product Code: PT08

Lavender & Wild Orchid Hand Lotion



Product Code: PT09

Geranium & Rose Hand Lotion



Product Code: PT10

Geranium & WildRose Sachet

Freshens your cupboard, drawer, car or handbag.



Product Code: PT11

Geranium & Rose - Scented Candle



Product Code: A14

Sparkling Wine & Rose
750ml Sparkling Wine
with a freshly picked rose.                                  


Product Code: A15

Brace of Wine

2 x 750ml bottles of good wine: 1 white & 1 red in a handy wooden box.



Product Code: A16

Billy Box

Biltong 300g: finely sliced finest beef neatly sealed in useful, chunky wooden box. 


Product Code: A17

A box of Lindt chocolates - tied with ribbon.





Product Code: A18

Decadent Delight

A superb selection of over 40 handcrafted, luxurious Belgian chocolates for that special chocolate connoisseur in your life.




Product Code: A20

Bright & Buoyant 

Add a quirky & cheerful foil balloon - R48-00 each



Product Code: A21

Export quality Choc Nougat Box

Add a touch of sweetness to your order

R98 per box (140g)

Product Code: A22

Soft cuddly Teddy: 

R230-00 each



Product Code: A23

Snazzy Snack Pack

An abundant selection of delicious edibles,
gift-wrapped on a platter.

100% Sparkling apple juice 750ml
Salted crackers 170g
Traditional Brie Cheese 125g
Ginger Butter Biscuits 230g
Sour Cream & Chives Crisps 165g tube
Luxury dried fruit mix 200g
Roasted cashew nuts 100g
Quality sliced biltong (dried meat) 150g
Sea salt Pretzel knots 200g
Box Lindt chocolates 75g




Books by Helena Davis



Product Code: A27

Historical Novels

Two things women enjoy are Flowers & Love!

How about including an utterly delightful, Historical Love story written in the Jane Austen tradition by local Howick author, Helena Davis.

If you would like to order a copy, fill out the order form below with your address plus R100 for postage.
We can courieranywhere in South Africa.


'The Wind in the Wheat Fields':  R240-00

'The Lady and the Piano':            R240-00

'The Solitary Man': 

'Married by Proxy' NEW!:            R240-00



We deliver directly to your homes or offices.

Delivery charges:

Howick area:     R  85-00 

Merrivale area: R  95-00 
Hilton area:       R155-00 
All prices include VAT

PLEASE NOTE: Should you wish us to deliver to farms and out-lying areas, please contact us for a quote.

Submit your Order:

Flower Orders:

We encourage you to contact us directly by telephone. This will enable us to let you know exactly what flower choices are available in our cold room at any given time.
A quick credit card sale over the phone is quite acceptable to us.

We source a healthy proportion of our flowers from local growers in our area. This allows us to carry unusual, interesting and alternate flower choices besides those shown in the above pictures.

Telephone: 033 330 3809 (national calls)

Telephone: +27 33 330 3809 (international calls)
Mobile: 082 321 5382

You are also welcome to submit your order to us by filling in your details and choice of flower arrangement into the order form to the left.

When ordering, please remember to include the Product Code and Product name so that we can be absolutely sure as to which arrangement you are referring to. 
Allow 24 hours for a response to your email.

Let us know about any of your special occasions where flowers are necessary. We would love to hear from you and to suggest suitable options and tailor make the arrangements to suit your specific needs and budget.

Banking Details:

Flowers From Howick
First National Bank - Howick

Branch no: 220 725
Account no: 620 531 23669

Please use your name (purchaser) as a reference and fax or email your Proof of Payment to:      
033 3303809   /      +27 33 3303809 
or email:

Physical address:

Flowers from Howick
10A Somme Street, Howick, 3290

Please note that the above photographs are a guide to the style and content of each arrangement. 
Containers, flower varieties and specific colours may vary slightly, owing to theseason and availability.

"When you have only 2 pennies - buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with the other" - Chinese proverb


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